I’ve seen quite a lot of this view this week, as I have been driving the crane and stacking our timber. I’m afraid you just have to forgive the slightly agricultural looking hole in the window where the crane control levers poke through!

We have had a good week, as can be seen by the stacks of timber in the photo below.

Justin Owen and his small team of coppice workers have been working in Ridden Corner Copse as well this week. They are going to be making the laths for our lath and plaster walls from a section of the coppice, they have also kindly let us have some of the oversize stems from that section of coppice for shingle making, this stem in particular will provide a whole load of really good quality shingles.

Its been a bit wet here today, but other than that we have had a pretty nice week, the first wild flowers are starting to come out in the hedgerows. I took this photo of a celendine this week at Swan Barn Farm, in a hedge just near where the Speckled Wood building will be going.

I think I have said before how much I like them, in the right light they shine like little tiny suns in the base of the hedges. Spring is definitely here.

Guest Blogger and Black Down birder Dave Burgess has sent in another update as well, you can catch up on the wildlife postings page.