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The blossom in the orchard just behind Haslemere High Street looks amazing at the moment. If you are nearby and the sun is shining it is well worth a look.


Last year we had a terrible apple harvest. It was so cold and wet in the spring the bees never really got chance to get out and pollinate. Fingers crossed for better weather this blossom season.


In January with six inches of snow underfoot and flaming torches all around we wassailed our orchard hoping to bring it luck for the coming year.


Here’s to thee old apple tree,
Whence thou mayst bud
And whence thou mayst blow!
And whence thou mayst bear apples enow!
Hats full! Caps full!
Bushel bushel sacks full,
And my pockets full too!


Here’s wishing better luck for the bees this year. So much of what we eat depends on them.

You might remember earlier in the year us pruning the orchard just behind Haslemere High Street. I though it might be nice to show you what it is looking like now spring has sprung.

Pretty spectacular I think!

The blossom on the cherries, plums and pears is pretty much at its peak right now, well worth going to see. The apples will follow on next with their blossom, over the next couple of weeks. The orchard is less than a minutes walk from Haslemere High Street. Head through the gaps either behind Collingwood Batchelor or the CAB and you will go through the town walk and right past the orchard.

Its particularly nice to see the trees we planted six years ago starting to do well. I remember very well the day we planted the new trees, there were only five old trees left at the time, and now there is an entire vibrant new orchard springing up on the towns doorstep. I reckon looking at the way the trees are developing that this year could be the first of our decent sized crops. Look out later on this year, we are planning on holding an apple pressing event where we will invite people to come down to the farm bringing whatever apples they can lend their hands on. We will then run them through our historic scratter (a sort of apple crusher) and press and send you home with the juice plus a set of instructions for how to turn it into your own delicious cider.

This was the blossom on one of the old pear tree’s, last year it provided me with a batch of surprisingly nice perry. Old orchard tree’s are a fantastic wildlife resource, we plan to look after these keep them as long as possible, yesterday they were alive with the buzz of the local bee’s making the most of the nectar and pollen.

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