Our Belted Galloway cows have justed calved, I know lots of people like seeing them at Shottermill and out on the heath at Marley, so thought I ought to post a couple of photo’s.

The small herd we look after carry out conservation grazing work for us on the heathland at Marley. The action of their munching and trampling helps us to keep the common open, and provides the right habitat conditions for a wide range of very important and increasingly rare wildlife.

We have had three steers for a while, and over the winter these were joined by two in calf heifers. They came to us from another NT herd in Gloucestershire, and as is often the way with livestock there was no guarantee the bull had done his job.

After a while the girls started to grow, and eventually it became obvious they had come to us bearing beefy buns in the oven as expected. Then it was just a waiting game. First to come along was George (don’t blame me for the names!).

You can see him above peering out from behind his mum. He was a bit of a problem delivery and Catherine and Matt had to put in some hard work to get him into the world. For some reason cow and calf took a while to bond, but with a bit of help and assistance they both got the hang of things after a while and now they are both doing really well.

May came along on the first of May. She was delivered without any help and has been doing very well right from birth. Here she is with her mum relaxing under the tree’s in the lower field.

Both calves have been loving the warm weather, and have been spotted a couple of times enjoying a bit of sunbathing. They will stay at Shottermill until they are a bit older. They are still a bit shy at the moment, but if you are passing and take a while to look over the gate you should get chance to see at least one of them.