Many of you will know that as part of our conservation management work on our heathland sites we run a small herd of Belted Galloway Cattle. The time of year has come for some of our steers to go to the abbatoir, therefore we are now able to offer for sale to the public some of the finest beef you are likely to be able to buy (of course I am biased, and proud of it!).

These rare breed cattle have spent their life grazing outdoors on conservation managed heathlands and wild flower rich grasslands around Haslemere. We like to think they have about the best life it is possible for cattle to lead. They help us to manage the habitats, and through the action of their grazing encourage the conditions in which numerous rare and fascinating species of wildlife flourish. We have started a system whereby we are breed our own replacement animals and later on in the winter our cows will be heading off to holiday with a Belted Galloway bull. Selling beef in this way provides the funds to enable us to purchase breeding animals so that we can keep a dynamic and healthy herd.

The beef will have been traditionally butchered and hung for three weeks to provide the kind of flavour your average supermarket steak will simply never be able to match. It will be ready to collect in early December, just in time for Christmas.

Collection will be in person on 8th or 9th December from Swan Barn Farm in Haslemere, giving you the opportunity to call in and have a look at the Speckled Wood Building while you are here. We are selling 5kg boxes for £50 and 10kg Boxes for £95. Each box will contain a mix of high quality cuts of beef including everything from roasting joints to steaks and mince. To place an order call 01273 857712 or email

We anticipate demand to be high so I would suggest getting your order in early to avoid dissapointment. I really hope people like it, we are very proud of our little herd and what they accomplish for us, I think this is a really positive way of supporting the management of the countryside around the town and have already put my name down on the list.