How come there are only three cows on Marley now rather than four? Was the (possibly slightly accusatory!) question I was asked several times last week. Don’t worry, she’s not in the freezer (this time!) it was her turn to make a visit to see the bull.

With summer moving on and the cycle of the year turning round the time has come for some of our cattle to take a trip to visit Hillfield Expo, a rather fine looking gentleman beltie on another NT property not far away.


He is new to the National Trust, having only arrived a couple of months ago, we are hoping he will look after our girls for us and treat them right.

We aim to calve in the spring, its part of a natural cycle of stockmanship, taking advantage of the seasons, it means that cow and calf get a fresh flush of new nutricious growth at just the time it is most needed.

The cattle look slightly suspiciously at the trailer when time comes to be loaded up.


They know the drill though, and are pleased to see somewhere new to explore.


We always do our best to try and give them the best life possible, they are crucial tools for our management of the countryside, we couldn’t do it without them. Have a nice holiday girls, see you in a couple of months.