There is plenty of new life to see at Swan Barn Farm at the moment. This years lambs are gambling about and causing mischief in the orchard and in the fields behind the countryside team office is my favourite new addition of the year.


It’s our new calf “Mirriam”, seen here standing next to her mother. She is one of our Belted Galloway cattle. She is at the farm for the summer with the other cows to help us manage the grassland and encourage wildlife. She is very calm and patient and as long as you don’t try to get too close her mum is happy to show her off to visitors.


The NT owned herd are vital for our management of a number of sites around Haslemere. They munch through the scrub on our heathlands and encourage wild flowers in our grasslands. We couldn’t do the job without them.


Somehow when they aren’t around the landscape here just doesn’t make sense. They are a crucial part of the jigsaw of our management of the countryside… And are cute as anything too!