The blossom in the orchard just behind Haslemere High Street looks amazing at the moment. If you are nearby and the sun is shining it is well worth a look.


Last year we had a terrible apple harvest. It was so cold and wet in the spring the bees never really got chance to get out and pollinate. Fingers crossed for better weather this blossom season.


In January with six inches of snow underfoot and flaming torches all around we wassailed our orchard hoping to bring it luck for the coming year.


Here’s to thee old apple tree,
Whence thou mayst bud
And whence thou mayst blow!
And whence thou mayst bear apples enow!
Hats full! Caps full!
Bushel bushel sacks full,
And my pockets full too!


Here’s wishing better luck for the bees this year. So much of what we eat depends on them.