The bluebells are looking absolutely stunning.

The weather has been incredible here for the last couple of weeks, and there is nothing like working outdoors in the sunshine to raise your spirits. These photo’s were taken this week in one of the coppices where our many volunteer groups have been busy making the wooden shingles for the roof. I had to call in to drop off some tools, and was once again really impressed with how the shingle making is going, we are very lucky to have so many people who are interested enough in the project to volunteer their time to come and make shingles for us, the roof will be a real testament to all of their hard work.

Here you can see some of the timber stacked at trackside waiting to be turned into shingles. If you are coming here on one of this years working holidays this is one of the valleys where you will be working. Hopefully some of you will get chance to see it before the bluebells go to seed.

Tucked away in the bottom of the valley, Justin the woodsman has been busy starting to make lath’s with the chestnut that was cut over the winter. Those of you who were here helping during the cold month’s might struggle to recognise this picture, it was pretty frosty here in December and January.

It is the alternating conditions of light and shade within the coppice woodland that encourages the profusion of wildflowers.

I also took a trip up to Ridden Corner Copse that day to fetch some extra timbers we needed on the site, and was delighted to see that the coppice stools where we cut the materials for the new building are already starting to send up fresh new shoots.

Before we finish the Speckled Wood building I would imagine the regrowth on the stumps where we harvested the wood will already be almost six feet high, being part of this cycle of growth in the woods has always been one of the best things about working here. Given another 15-20 years or so it will be ready to be cut again.