The old shed which is being removed to make way for the new Speckled Wood building has been demolished this week.

Its amazing quite how much junk a succession of Wardens and Volunteers can manage to fit in one shed if they are given enough time, and it took a while to empty it.

The volunteer tools have been relocated and the rest of the stuff has either been relocated, recycled or chucked. With the weather being so kind it fealt like extreme spring cleaning.

The next thing to go was the roof. It was made of asbestos, so had to be dealt with by a specialist contractor.

The wooden structure was knocked down in no time at all and then it was on to dealing with the concrete. Environmentally speaking concrete is pretty terrible stuff, with massive carbon costs in its production, there is quite a bit of the stuff in the old shed, and our plan is to recycle it.

The first stage was using a minidigger with a pneumatic breaker to reduce it to smaller sized chunks.

This was the first time I had ever seen the basecamp from this angle. A view which will be dissapearing again soon as the new building takes shape.

Once the concrete was all broken up it was loaded into a concrete crusher. This broke it down into a size we will be able make use of. It will be used in the foundation pits that will be going in next week on which the structural timbers of the building will sit.