Its been quite a week at Swan Barn Farm. With the difficult sawmilling we have been doing, as well as bringing back the longer lengths of timber to the site of the build its all been a bit stressfull. Things are going well I think, but its not been easy by any means. We wouldn’t have got anywhere without lots of hard work from Matt, Spike and Catherine, as well as some very welcome and helpful advice from Will on the sawmilling.

I realised today that I’ve had my head so filled with timber I have haven’t had time to properly appreciate whats been going on in the woods. Spring is well and truly here now, and a walk in the woods provided the perfect antidote to a tough week.

What better sight could a cornish boy wish for to help take away the stress than the buds bursting on the Rowan tree’s and the Gorse and Blackthorn in full bloom.

The hedge in the background above is the one where I usually collect the fruit for my sloe gin, here’s hoping this year’s will be a bumper crop. The hedgerows were full of all sorts of treats today, the Primroses and Violets were definitely the highlights.

Meanwhile in the woodland the Wood Anenomies are at their absolute peak.

There are masses of bluebell leaves up stretching in the sun, most of them wont be flowering for a while yet, but I went on a little hunt hoping to find the first bluebell of the year.

I found it by the side of the stream in Witley Copse, a first patch of blue in the woodland treat that is on its way.

The hazel buds are all starting to burst in the coppice, the patch below was cut 5 years ago, it provided wood for all sorts of uses around the estate, and is now happily regrowing. In another 9 years or so the cycle will have worked its way around the wood and these stools will be ready to be cut again, all part of the pattern of sustainable woodland management.

As I was walking through this patch of woodland I was followed by the mewing call of our local buzzard flying above.

Willow (my collie) was named after the flowering willow trees that I saw on the day I went to fetch her from the rescue charity. I guess it must be another anniversery of her arrival as the willows at Swan Barn were looking great as well.

If you stand up close to them on a sunny day you will hear the air come alive with the buzz of bumble and honey bee’s taking advantage of the pollen and nectar.

Another very busy week coming up, the old shed is being demolished, and its back to the sawmilling and timber moving, but after a proper walk in the woods today I am feeling a bit more ready for it.