Hello everyone, sorry I went quiet for a week, I hurt my back and had to have a few days at home lying on the floor. The chiropractor has worked her magic though and I am starting to feel much better again now (its not just a plea for sympathy, honest)

We have been up in Ridden Corner today starting to extract and stack the timber we coppiced for the main frame of the building. I have been being good (to my spine) and have been operating the crane today. It makes light work of moving heavy logs.

We are used to extracting coppiced chestnut in quite large volumes for fencing materials, but the material for the frame of the house is needed in quite a number of different sizes and lengths, we have a long cutting list we all have a copy of, we look at each log in turn and decide what to make out of it.

Selecting the right piece of wood to cut for each item on the list is quite a skill, it takes a while to learn how to see the materials within the wood.

I really like working in the chestnut coppice’s, first of all you know that it is a very sustainable method of producing wood, but I also like to think of the many people who have worked in these woods before us, coppicing the tree’s and producing all manner of materials. Then there is the smell, when you work in amongst the chestnut tree’s all day cutting and moving timber the smell of the wood permiates the air.

We made a good start on it today, but there is lots more left to do. A busy month lies ahead of us.