The floorboards for our new building have begun their journey, you may remember us felling the timber for them in the coppice here at Swan barn Farm.

The oak standard trees were being thinned as part of our management of the coppice. Once on the floor the trees were snedded (the branches were removed) and then were cut to length.

We then extracted the wood using our timber crane.

The timber was driven down the road to W L West and Sons. We will be producing the floorboards for the verandah on our own mill, but the ones for inside will need kiln drying to make sure they don’t shrink as they dry inside the building.

They were unloaded and stacked to one side awaiting processing.

Last week they were rolled into the sawmill for the first stage of their processing.

The first stage is to cut the logs so that they can have a period of air drying.

As you can see, their mill is a little bit bigger than ours! Oak grown in this part of the world gets some very pretty colours and patterns in the grain, it should make a really smart floor.

As each slice comes off the mill it is stacked in sequence with thin sticks seperating each plank.

Each log was cut in turn and stacked up in the same order it was cut, this makes the wood season without too much warping. The sticked planks have all now been taken back outside where they will be left to air dry for at least a couple of months prior to the next stage in the process. Thanks very much for the guys over at Wests for providing these pictures, they are going to keep us up to date with the whole process. There will be another installment from the floorboards sometime in the late spring…