This time we were planting tree’s.

There is nothing as good for your spirits as planting a tree, especially if its an apple tree. And if its a whole new orchard, well it doesn’t get much better.

Last week we planted the new orchard at the front of the basecamp. 18 tree’s have gone in, more will follow over the next couple of years. For this orchard we have gone for a mix of traditional and modern varieties as well as trying to get varieties that will be ready at different times so we have a long fuiting season.

Two of my favourites have been planted in this orchard, Orleans Rainette and Cornish Gilliflower. One for flavour and one because you can’t forget your roots. I was really pleased when these were two of the trees that attracted a sponsor, I hope they mean something to their sponsors too. We still have tree’s available for sponsorship if  anyone has the means, all of the money raised goes straight to the Speckled Wood project.

This was the gilliflower going in. Thanks very much to Lesley up at the stables on Lynchmere Ridge for donating a trailer full of well rotted horse manure to ensure they get the best possible start in life.

They all have good solid tree cages to protect them from browsing damage, and have biodegradable mulch matts to ensure that the water in the soil goes to the tree rather than to the grass growing around its base. We also put gaurds on them to prevent rabbits from nibbling the bark.

The tree’s look so small and delicate when they go in, not much more than twigs really, you can barely see them in the tree cages above. They are pretty tough little things though, and it wont take long for them to start to grow. I should think we will see the first of the fruit from them in three or four years time.

Willow had a pretty good day too, practising on the sheep.

If you are interested in locally produced food and live not too far away the Landshare group of Transition Town Haslemere have a meeting on 9th March at 7.30pm in The Georgian in the High Street. New members are needed for a community vegetable garden at Roundhurst on the slopes of Black Down, why not come along and find out more. Its a stunning location and a really nice garden, the group is very freindly and there is loads of space for people to grow all sorts of interesting veg. You can find out more at or