I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came along to the Haslemere Hall on friday night, it seemed to go really well and it was great to see so many people there. Dennis reckoned there were about 300 people in the Hall and allthough I don’t have the final figure I think that thanks to everyones kind donations we will have made not far short of £1000 to put towards the project. There seemed to be quite a buzz on the night, I hope everyone enjoyed it. The shingle signing table did particularly well and I think it’s good fun to think of all those names on the roof.

On another note our guest blogger Dave Burges is back from sunnier climes and has sent in an update which is on the wildlife posings page. I was up on Black Down with him yesterday,  just after he left we were lucky enough to see a Raven on the western flank of the hill. Looking through his post the thing that struck home with me was the Red Kites, definitely one to watch out for, and a real success story. Not so many years ago they were confined to Wales, having died out in England and Scotland, but now they have started to spread out from a number of reintroduction sites and you stand a reasonable chance of seeing one around Haslemere. They have become quite common in the Chiltons, and I see them regularly when driving up the M40 to see freinds, but I still remember the first time I saw one around here. Willow and I were walking from Midhurst to Haslemere and as we came over the top of Older Hill I saw one wheeling around in the wind over the Milland Bowl. It looked so gracefull, I sat and watched it performing its magic in the air for what seemed like ages before it headed off towards Black Down.

Anyway, more from the woods soon, one of this weeks main tasks is felling and bringing back to Swan Barn Farm the Douglas Fir we need for our roof rafters and floor joists, its coming from a plantation on a pretty National Trust property just up the road from the co-op.