Our planning application for the new building here at Swan Barn Farm is now being processed by the council, fingers crossed for a smooth ride for it. In case you are new to the project Speckled Wood is the name for the new building we hope to get consent to put up here at Swan Barn Farm. It’s purpose is to provide accomodation for long term volunteers who will help us to manage the beautifull countryside on the Black Down Estate whilst also learning some of the skills required so that they will hopefully be able to look towards a future in countryside management. We are determined that the building should be as sustainable as possible and want to try to source as many of the materials as we can from National Trust properties (coppice woodlands in particular) around Haslemere. The designs have been put together in association with the renowned local woodsman Ben Law, and we are really pleased with how they have turned out.

The building will replace a slightly delapidated shed which is currently next door to the basecamp, these pictures exagerate its size a bit to the angle the perspective drawings have been done from, but they give you an idea of what we are trying to achieve.

We hope that the new building and the volunteers staying in it will help us to bring Swan Barn Farm alive through new projects such as the orchard, the beehive, the chicken run and the vegetable garden.