Last week I visited the library in the Haslemere Educational Museum in order to do a little bit of background research for the project.  Its a fascinating place with loads of really interesting local historical information, amongst the items in their care is a collection of old photographs and images of places around Haslemere. I thought it would be nice to post a couple of old pictures of the basecamp they kindly passed on.

This picture was taken in 1876 from the back of the building. You can see the double doors front and back which allowed easy access for carts loaded with hay or corn. Its nice to see the hayricks outside, we still make hay on some of the fields at Swan Barn Farm to enhance the wildflower interest and to provide winter fodder for the animals grazing on our heathland restoration projects. The pine trees to the side of the basecamp mark where the new speckled wood building will be constructed.

This second picture was taken in 1879 and shows a view from the east. The pine trees went long ago, but some of the oak trees can still be seen here today, one of them in particular has a characteristic branch pattern which makes it easy to recognise.

I spent some of this morning talking to Val, our architect about the final designs for the new building.  Its looking really exciting, fingers crossed for a smooth planning application, I will post some pictures soon.