A brief introduction to the team who work here at Swan Barn Farm :

Dave is the Head Warden, pictured here at the launch of our allotments project at Shottermill. In the background you can see one of the Belted Golloway cattle that we use for grazing on our heathland restoration project at Marley Common.

Matt is the Area Warden, here you can see him releasing captive bred sand lizards on Black Down as part of a endangered species reintroduction scheme.

Spike, the Warden is pictured here taking a well earned rest whilst working in another of our coppice woodlands, this time at Boarden Door Bottom on Black Down.

Rachel, the Careership Warden, here pictured working at Shottermill ponds. In the background you can see where some of the coppice material from the woods at Swan Barn Farm has been used to create wildlife friendly planting areas next to the banks of the pond.